Top 10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20

When you’re on a budget, it’s tough to find a coffee gift that’s both useful and sincere. It’s likely that the coffee-obsessed friend or loved one in your life has every piece of gear under the sun, both cheap and expensive. This makes finding the right gift quite a challenge.

Luckily for you, we turned over every rock on the internet to find some of the most unique gifts that are under $20 for coffee lovers out there. Some are cute, some are practical, but almost all of them are brewtiful

If you have a friend or loved one who’s absolutely obsessed with coffee but you can’t afford to buy them the latest and greatest espresso machine for their birthday, then this list is for you. We searched low and high to find the most affordable and thoughtful gifts for the coffee lover who has it all. So if payday is still a few weeks away but you want to spoil that special someone, look no further than these gifts for coffee lovers under $20.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20:
Our Top 10 Countdown

#10 – Coffee Maple Syrup for $13.99

Coffee Maple Syrup Gift for $13.99

It might sound like an odd combination at first, but coffee and maple syrup actually go together fantastically. If you know someone who’s an absolutely caffeine fiend and who also enjoys ice cream or Canadian bacon, then this gift is right up their alley. 

Created with rich maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains and infused with Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Blend, the Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup is a tasty revelation that no coffee drink could turn down.

#9 – Mug Warmer for $9.89

Coffee Mug Warmer Gift for $9.89

There’s nothing worse than pouring a fresh cup of coffee, sitting down to work and then getting so distracted that you let your coffee run cold. It’s enough to drive anyone to drink… or at least to sigh in frustration and make a fresh batch of coffee.

That feeling is now a thing of the past. The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer ensures that you will never have to taste disappointment in a tepid cup of Joe ever again.

The mug warmer is extremely portable – you can plug it in at home or bring it with you to the office. It’s equipped with an indicator light to let you know when your coffee is hot, meaning you’ll always be drinking your coffee at the optimal temperature. The future is now, and it’s warm.

#8 – Reusable Coffee Filter for $16.99

Reusable Coffee Filter gift for $16.99

If you’re even a partial coffee snob then you have definitely had a pour over or two in your lifetime. And while this is a great way to drink coffee, the use of paper filters is inherently wasteful. 

For the conscious coffee connoisseur out there, we propose the E-PRANCE Honeycombed Stainless Steel Coffee Filter. Made from stainless steel, the E-PRANCE allows you to make wonderful filtered coffee again and again without ever having to burn through multiple filters.

The double layer mesh ensures that coffee grounds will be kept out of your brew, and the sealed tip means no more embarrassing spills while pouring. Best of all? It’s easy to clean, so you can get started on that next batch in no time.

#7 – Chicory Pecan Bitters for $19.00

Chicory Pecan Bitters Coffee Present for $19.00

Know someone who has a penchant not only for good coffee, but rum and bourbon too? Then you’d be crazy not to set them up with a bottle of El Guapo Chicory Pecan Bitters

Made from Louisiana pecans and freshly roasted Congregation Coffee, these bitters are a flavor wonderland bursting with the taste of coffee, chicory, pecans and cinnamon. They’re the perfect accompaniment to cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or a Negroni.

What’s more, you only need a couple of drops to take your average beverage to the next level, meaning this is a gift that will last. 

#6 – Coffee Soap for $12.95

Coffee Soap Present for $12.95

Let’s be honest, we all know that one friend who could use a bar of coffee soap to not only get up in the morning, but help freshen up before work. If that’s the case then this handmade coffee exfoliating soap by Urbanized is the ideal gift for coffee lovers under $20.

Made from all natural, organic and vegan ingredients, this soap is not only free from toxins and harmful ingredients such as palm oil, it’s also a wonderfully organic and soothing body exfoliator. The main ingredient in the soap is coffee, which helps helps remove toxins from, firm up and whiten the skin.

Not only does the soap use the magical ingredient of coffee to wonder dermatological magic, each bar is homemade, removing the need for additional processing.

#5 – Coffee Scrub for $13.95

Arabica Coffee Scrub Gift for $13.95

Did we mention that coffee is a magical ingredient when it comes to skin care? Nowhere is this more evident than Buena Skin’s Arabica Scrub.

Comprised of caffeine from only the finest Arabica beans and organic Kona coffee, the Arabica scrub is adept at improving the appearance of skin imperfections such as cellulite,  stretch marks, varicose veins, acne and eczema.

If you have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with their beauty regimen, then this is no doubt a wonderful and thoughtful addition to their range of products. And after all, after drinking the stuff, who wouldn’t want to rub coffee all over their body?

#4 – Cold Brew Infusion Bottle for $21.99

Cold Brew Infusion Bottle Gift for $21.99

Spoiler alert – this gift crosses the cost threshold of $20, but we thought it was so useful (and still very reasonably priced) that we couldn’t not include it. With cold brew coffee seemingly the words on everyone’s lips this summer as they ordered this daily brews, this Cold Brew Infusion Bottle is the perfect drink for someone who wants to make it themselves.

It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply fill the the central steeping column with coffee grounds, fill it to the top with water, and then let it steep for 12 to 24 hours. Once you’ve reached your desired strength, withdraw the steeping column and your drink is ready to go!

This gift is not only super useful but it looks great too. The design is sleek and attractive, and would be easily fit with most kitchen decor. The bottle’s construction of heavy duty borosilicate glass and stainless steel means it’s unlikely to break anytime soon either.

#3 – Coffee Obsession Book for $17.76

Coffee Obsession Book Gift for $17.76

What do you get the coffee nerd who has everything – more knowledge about coffee! Seriously, it can never hurt to know more about coffee, where it comes from and the production process behind it. Coffee Obsession does just that – taking the reader on a journey of coffee-producing nations around the world, and different styles and methodologies of brewing coffee.

According to the bio: “Through clear step-by-step instruction, Coffee Obsession will teach you how to make latte, cappuccino, and other iconic coffee styles as if you were a professionally trained barista. With more than 130 classic coffee recipes to suit every taste, detailed flavor profiles and tasting notes, as well as recommended roasts from around the world, Coffee Obsession is like nothing else out on the market.”

#2 – Novelty Coffee Mug for $10.99

Funny Coffee Mug Gift for $10.99

If you have a friend who loves coffee and enjoys the film Pulp Fiction – which should be pretty much all of your friends – then this novelty coffee mug will go down a treat. Featuring a silhouette of the character Jules Winnfield and his famous and oft-quoted line, “this is some serious gourmet shit!”, this mug will appeal to die hard film nerds and coffee addicts alike. 

You don’t have to be exclusively into Tarantino films to enjoy this, however. This is the type of gift that will go down well on birthdays or other minor celebrations. At the very least it will produce a chuckle every time someone pours a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

#1 – Precise Coffee Measuring Scoop for $6.97

Coffee Measuring Scoop gift for $6.97

To create a good cup of coffee you have to be unerringly precise. While the beans are the most important factor, being able to accurately measure all of the contributing elements is going to have a considerable effect on the final product. It’s for that reason that this stainless steel coffee scoop from BALCI is an extremely thought gift for coffee nerds.

Crafted from a solid piece of stainless steel, this scoop is designed to last. It also makes cleaning it super easy regardless of how many different types of coffee you use it with.

This scoop ensures that you will get exactly two tablespoons of grinds every time you dip into a packet. This means you can accurately measure the exact amount of grounds you want to add to your drinks, giving you very precise control over the brewing process. The scoop is also designed to fit inside both canisters and bags, allowing it to be stored very easily.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20:
4 extra Honorable Mentions

While the above items were indispensible gifts for coffee lovers under $20, we also found quite a few that, while they didn’t make the main list, still deserve an honorable mention:

Airtight Coffee Container for $17.99

Airtight Coffee Container Gift for $17.99

Just because your friend might be a coffee lover, doesn’t mean they have the best coffee etiquette. If you know someone who is still using a clothes peg to keep their coffee bags sealed shut, show them the light with this stainless steel coffee container from HOKEKI.

This container will help keep coffee fresh for weeks or even months after it’s been opened. It comes equipped with a numerical tracker that lets you keep track of the expiry date and prevent waste. It’s also equipped with a one-way CO2 valve that keeps air out and prevents your grounds from being oxidized.

Roast and Toast Mug for $19.95

Roast and Toast mug gift for $19.95

Do you have a friend who enjoys smoking and drinking coffee, maybe at the same time? Then this Roast and Toast novelty mug, one of our cheekier gifts for coffee lovers under $20, is for them.   

Made from ceramic, this mug comes equipped to carry both a delicious cup of coffee, and a small bowl for smoking tobacco or some other herbs in the morning. Keep in mind that this is a gift for adults only, so plan accordingly before you buy it for your baby nephew. 

Grinder Cleaning Brush for $9.99

Grinder Cleaning Brush for $9.99

Let’s be honest, drinking coffee can sometimes be a dirty habit. Between grinding beans, packing a French press or Aeropress and filling up coffee mugs, coffee grinds tend to get into the hardest-to-reach nooks and crannies. This grinder cleaning brush from Soulhand changes everything.

Constructed from premium grade wood and soft boar bristles, this little brush is equipped to clean almost any piece of stubborn coffee equipment. Whether you want to get deep into the workings of a grinder or dust off an espresso machine, Soulhand’s brush makes staying on top of your coffee cleaning regimen a breeze.

Storm Trooper Mug for $10.29

Star Wars Storm Trooper Coffee Mug Gift for $10.29

Who said that coffee and Star Wars don’t go together? Probably no one, but in case you needed proof then here it is. This Storm Trooper mug is ideal for anyone who feels like a Wookie before they get their cup of coffee in the morning.

The mug is hand-painted to look like one of Darth Vader’s infamous soldiers, and would make an ideal collectible for anyone who’s interested in the film series or loves a good cup of coffee in general. Don’t sleep on this one, and may the Force (of caffeine) be with you.

Martin Stokes

Martin Stokes


Martin Stokes hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. He enjoys writing about all manner of things and can quote lines from films like nobody’s business. He moved to Berlin in 2015 and is working tirelessly at broadening his repertoire of bad jokes.

The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set: 16 Items to Give the Java Lover in your Life

We all have that one friend – the one who can’t open their eyes until a fresh cup of coffee is wafted under their nostrils, who drinks coffee rather than beer with an evening meal and who isn’t afraid to have one or two double espressos before bedtime. They’re the die-hard coffee fiends who, if given the choice, would probably chug a latte rather than a bottle of water when running a race.

They’re also impossible to get gifts for. Not that gift-giving is ever an easy undertaking. Even the most conscientious of us have a hard time deciding what to give a friend when their birthday or Christmas rolls around; it’s even harder for a coffee-lover. 

Why? Well because they have everything – the grinder, the drip coffee machine, the French press and the specialty roasts from South America. On paper choosing a gift for this person might sound easy – just get more coffee, right? – but in fact it’s almost impossible to buy a gift for the person who already has everything. 

Which is why we’ve put together this guide. Below we’re going to list some of the best, most novel, most useful and just downright fun coffee gift sets to get for the caffeine fiend in your life. 

Why Coffee Almost Always Makes The Greatest Gift

Even if the friend you’re buying a gift for isn’t the biggest coffee fan in the world, coffee is still one of the greatest gifts that you can possibly give. Not only is it an incredibly delicious, aromatic and energy-inducing drink, it’s also one that is steeped in history and tradition.

Gifting coffee is more than just buying a bag of beans, it’s about purchasing culture, and indoctrinating your giftee into a production process that spans generations and has brought people together for centuries. The beans you buy, the grounds they make and the coffee they eventually produce are small snapshots into the cultures of the nations in which they were produced, and it’s this anthropologic vista which you gift.

And even if you decided not to buy actual coffee, there are still countless coffee-related gifts which will delight anyone who receives them. Let’s take a look at them below.

Our Top Coffee Gift Sets

#1 A Coffee Subscription

When it comes to coffee, everyone undoubtedly has their go-to roast or bean which they keep a healthy supply of. It can become pretty easy to get stuck in a rut and stick to what you know rather than take a chance at sampling new, novel roasts. Which is why a coffee subscription might be one of the best things you can possibly get. 

Rather than simply another pound of beans, a coffee subscription such as the Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler, is a great way of being exposed to a number of different roasts you might never come into contact with. This sampler in question includes four different monthly gourmet coffees from a number of small-batch roasters in Seattle. 

Coffee Subscription Gift Set by Bean Box

#2 Personalized Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug

If you know someone who is constantly grabbing a take-away coffee from Starbucks or any other coffee shop, then this ceramic travel coffee mug is the ideal coffee accoutrement for them. Never again will they be constrained by what’s on the menu at their local Caribou simply because they’re on the move. Now, they can prepare their favorite brew using the beans of their choice at home and bring it with them wherever they go. 

On top of that, the mug can be personalized to make it even more special. This particular mug includes a dictionary-style definition of the receiver in question, so get as creative as you like describing their personality traits. If the person you’re gifting is environmentally conscious then that’s an added bonus, as using this mug will prevent them from consuming single-use coffee cups from take-away chains.

Personalized Ceramic Coffee Cup Gift

#3 Coffees of the World Gift Set

Any coffee connesuire worth their salt is going to be interested in coffees that have their origins in different parts of the world. The Coffees of the World Gift Set is ideal in this regard. With nine bags of ground coffee sourced from different locations all over the world – from South America, to Kenya all the way to Sumatra and Ethiopia – this gift set is an excellent method for sampling a world’s worth of coffees and roasts, both dark and light. 

What’s more, the set itself is a beautiful work of art, featuring idiosyncratic designs by illustrator Persephone Coelho.

Coffees of the World Gift from Whittard
Image from

#4 Essential Coffee Guide Poster

No self-respecting coffee lover will ever not know the difference between a cappuccino, latte, macchiato or espresso… but why take the chance? This Essential Coffee Guide Poster is a wonderfully-presented infographic detailing exactly what constitutes each different type of coffee drink, and will ensure that you’re always up-to-scratch on your coffee lingo. It’ll look great in the kitchen, the hallway or above the coffee bar, and it’s certain to add charm and style wherever it’s placed.

Essential Coffee Guide Poster Gift on Etsy

#5 Personalized First Father’s Day French Press 

Know a coffee lover who is also a dad? Of course you do – raising children requires enormous amounts of fabricated energy; AKA caffeine. This First Father’s Day French Press is a great gift for those who love a cup of coffee but are also celebrating their first year as a father. Not only is the French press one of the best tools for bringing out the best possible flavors from coffee, but the added personalization means that this coffee apparatus is unforgettable.

And since it’s being used to celebrate their first Father’s Day, there’s no doubt that the gift will be used extensively to cope with the kids getting older.

Father's Day French Press

#6 The Strongest Coffee In The World

Everyone claims that they love a strong cup of coffee, but how about the strongest coffee in the world? Produced by the aptly named Death Wish Coffee, the packaging alone of this bag of beans – a grim-looking skull and crossbones on a black background – is enough to put fear in your heart. For the coffee lover who has everything and wants to simulate the effects of cardiac arrest, this is the gift for them. 

Packed to the brim with caffeine and emanating with dark, robust flavor, these beans are not for the faint of heart, and will likely keep you charged and ready from morning to night. 

Death Wish Coffee, the 'Strongest' Coffee Gift in the world
Image from

#7 Personalized Coffee Stencil

Coffee art has taken on its own proportions in recent years. Ordering a cappuccino doesn’t simply net you a cup of coffee, but also some wonderful latte art consisting of foam, cocoa and chocolate. This personalized coffee stencil allows you to bring that artwork into the home, and is the perfect gift for any coffee lovers who absolutely love adding finishing touches to their drinks. Whether you’d like to create a message or a small logo, or simply include your giftee’s name, this coffee stencil is a great tool that can be used again and again.

Coffee Stencil Gift Set

#8 Organic Coffee Lip Balm

For coffee lovers who simply can’t get enough of the flavor of coffee, organic coffee lip balm is a wonderful gift that allows you to keep your lips fresh and moisturized. Small enough to fit in a pocket, this balm has a smoky coffee flavor that will have anyone craving their next cup. The balm is made from organic ingredients such as coffee, cocoa butter, coconut oil, honey and beeswax, and is ideal not only for keeping your lips smooth, but contains caffeine and so will give you a slight charge, too.

#9 Wild Hybrid Handpresso

Short of space but still craving an espresso? The Wild Hybrid Handpresso is the answer. This handheld espresso maker utilizes up to 16 bars of pressure in order to produce a number of gourmet coffees such as cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and macchiatos. 

Simply add the ground coffee of your choice along with hot water, pump the Handpresso to the desired pressure, then let the machine do all the work by filtering the water through the grounds. The result? Cafe-style coffee in the palm of your hand – perfect for the coffee aficionado who doesn’t have space for a massive machine.

#10 A Coffee Guide Book

For any self-confessed java warrior who wants to know a little more in-depth information and history about coffee, a coffee guide book is the ultimate gift. How to Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean is a handbook that lays bare the art and science of the coffee bean and how to brew the perfect cup. 

It explores the origins of coffee, what makes it so popular, the anatomy of the bean, the best way to tease flavor out of your grounds and what gear you will need to do so. It’s a tour guide through the wonderful world of caffeination, and a must have for those on the eternal quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Guide Book by Lani Kingston

Coffee Gift Sets: Alternative Ideas

#11 Pothead T-Shirt

A gag gift for those who just love a big steaming pot in the morning. Not to be confused with that other substance, this pothead t-shirt is for those who can’t get enough of the caffeinated good stuff. Wear it loud and proud and let everyone know that you’re a coffee lover!

Coffee-pot-head T-shirt

#12 Scientific Caffeine Necklace

For someone who understands coffee on a much more fundamental level than just a delicious, energy-activating nectar of the gods, this scientific caffeine necklace is perfect. Made from an 18 inch silver chain, the necklace displays the chemical formula of caffeine alongside a silver charm that can be personalized with a person’s initials. 

The necklace also comes with an information card displaying a number of interesting facts about caffeine such as the melting point, molar mass, density and boiling point. Also ideal for the scientist who relies on copious amounts of coffee to help them conduct their research.

Chemistry Coffee Necklace Gift - A necklace with the Chemical Formula for Coffee as a pendant

#13 Chewable Coffee Cubes

Do you know someone who is not just a caffeine addict but also loves all forms of candy? Then these chewable coffee cubes will likely be right up their alley. They’re essentially small, bite-sized bits of coffee that can be kept in your pocket and popped into your mouth whenever you feel the need for a coffee-tasting pick-me-up. 

Perfect for someone who is on-the-go and doesn’t always have time to grind their own beans and patiently brew their own cup, these cubes are deliciously creamy and smoky in their flavor profile.

Chewable Coffee Cubes from AwesomeStuff365
Image from

#14 Bourbon Infused Coffee

After a long evening meal, when the food is just starting to settle and everyone at the table is getting comfortable, you’re often presented with two choices for a post-dinner digestive: coffee or spirits? Bourbon infused coffee is the gift that puts the final nail in the coffin of that question and offers both at the same time. 

Consisting of quality, small batch Arabica beans delicately infused with Kentucky bourbon, these beans contain an incredibly unique flavor profile and aroma, and are perfect for those who love whiskey, rum, bourbon and other strong spirits.

Bourbon Infused Coffee
Image from

#15 Cold Brew Coffee Gift Set

For those who live in warmer climates, a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning might just cause them to break a sweat before they even get to work. This cold brew coffee set ensures that you can still enjoy your morning cup of Joe while remaining as cool as a hipster in the snow. While the set is fairly simple and contains just a mason jar and a reusable cloth filter, it still requires a little bit of simple foresight.

Every night before bed, pack the filter with your favorite grounds, fill the jar with cold water, then let both soak overnight. By the time you wake up your fresh and refreshing cold brew coffee will be ready. The best part? Both the filter and the jar are reusable, making this not only a great coffee gift, but a sustainable one too.

Cold Brew Coffee Gift Set
Image from

#16 Coffee Alarm Clock

Waking up isn’t fun for anyone; it’s a disruptive process that makes even the toughest of us want to cry. The dream is to be woken up every morning by a fresh cup of coffee while the smell of ground beans brings you out of your slumber and into waking life. Dream no longer with the Barisieur coffee and tea alarm clock

This sleek, sophisticated and state-of-the-art machinery begins boiling water as it gets close to the designated wake up time. By the time the alarm goes off black gold is already being filtered into a cup, ready to bring you back from the dead in a spectacular, caffeinated fashion. 

The alarm clock requires some prepping the night before, but it’s a small price to pay for an immediate cup of coffee in the morning, and is a godsend for anyone who needs motivation to get out of bed.

Image from
Martin Stokes

Martin Stokes


Martin Stokes hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. He enjoys writing about all manner of things and can quote lines from films like nobody’s business. He moved to Berlin in 2015 and is working tirelessly at broadening his repertoire of bad jokes.