The Best Battery Operated Coffee Maker: 9 Rechargeable Coffee Makers for Camping & Travel

Sometimes it can be easy to forget just how convenient our technology has made activities like traveling and camping. Some of us can simply charge our cars the night before by plugging them into the wall; most of us have pocket sized computers that give us quick access to maps, GPS and our itinerary; and we all have our very own battery operated coffee maker… right?

While those first two may be true to some degree, the fact still remains that most of us coffee loving traveling and camping folk don’t actually have a battery operated coffee maker to call our own. As a result, we either have to survive on overpriced drinks from coffee shops or (and I shudder at the thought of this) we simply go without having a cup of Joe.

Surprisingly enough, battery operated coffee makers actually aren’t as commonplace as you’d think. However, we’ve managed to sample and take a look at some of the most prominent models on the market, just so that we could share our findings with you!

Editor’s Pick for Best Battery Operated Coffee Maker – The Makita DCM501Z

Convenience 5/5
Build Quality 4.5/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Pricing 3.5/5

Makita is a power tool manufacturer that quickly realized that handymen need coffee just like the rest of us. The DCM501Z might not be flashy but it is a durable piece of hardware that is extremely convenient – perfect if you’re camping, traveling, or working on a construction site.

How We Ranked These Battery Operated Coffee Makers: Criteria Breakdown

When we were trying to find the best battery operated coffee maker we had specific criteria that we took into consideration.

By far, one of the most important factors that we focused on was portability. Some questions that fell under this umbrella were: Did it have a handle? Was it easy to grip? Was it lightweight?

Another factor that partnered well with this was size. Some questions that fell under this umbrella were: How small was the coffee maker? Was its shape conducive to being packed in a bag or suitcase?

Last but not least, even though we knew that coffee quality would not be on par with traditional coffee makers, this still had to be a factor that we considered.

The 9 Best Battery Operated Coffee Makers: Side-By-Side

NameAwards / Notes

Makita DCM501Z

Check Latest Price
Best Overall

AICOK Portable Espresso Machine

Best For Nespresso Lovers

Gourmia GCM3250
Digital Touch Coffee Maker

Best Design

Cupvenient Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

Best For Budget Conscious
Coffee Drinkers

Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Best for True
Pour Over Coffee

Mini Hand Coffee Machine

Price may Overshadow
The Convenience

mojoe Mobile Single Serve Brewer

Kickstarter/Pre-Order Only

Weoola Battery-Operated Coffee Maker

Good, But Other Coffee
Makers Do The Job Better

Mounchain Portable Travel Coffee Maker

Battery Pumped Coffee Maker

What You Should Know about Battery Operated Coffee Makers

If you’re seriously thinking about getting a battery operated coffee maker, your reason for wanting one would most likely be because it is convenient.

Yes, the convenience of being able to brew up a cup of coffee wherever you are is the primary benefit of having a battery operated coffee maker. However, many manufacturers have had to make compromises (understandable ones) when designing these coffee makers.

Brew Size

First and foremost, you should be aware that battery operated coffee makers have relatively small brew sizes. In fact, most of them only have the capacity to brew somewhere between 1 and 3 cups of coffee. This is understandable because remember, you’re powering it with a battery and not an electrical outlet. Also, battery operated coffee makers are meant for travel and as a result, they are usually compact.

Battery Capacity

Another important fact to consider is that you most likely won’t be brewing coffee numerous times on a single charge. You should expect that you’re only going to be able to brew 1 or 2 batches before you have to recharge or change the battery.

Coffee Quality

Last but not least, temper your expectations when it comes to coffee quality. We found that the battery operated coffee makers that we tested didn’t brew up a cup that was as tasty as what an Espresso Maker or French Press could do. However, that was never the selling point of any battery operated coffee maker, what they promise to deliver is a convenient cup of coffee.

In-Depth Reviews of Our Top 5 Battery Operated Coffee Maker Selections

Each of these coffee makers may have their pros and cons but we definitely think that they are the best of the best when it comes to battery operated coffee makers.

Best Overall – The Makita DCM501Z

The Makita DCM501Z has earned our title of best battery operated coffee maker because it is a no nonsense machine that is consistent and great at what it’s supposed to do. It doesn’t dominate in any specific category – it’s not the flashiest or the fastest – it is just a truly great all rounder that you can depend on.

A lot of the battery operated coffee makers on the market don’t actually heat the water themselves (to the chagrin of most consumers), the battery power is only used to brew the coffee. The Makita DCM501Z covers all the bases – fill it with water and it will heat it up and then brew up to 15 ounces of coffee in a few minutes.

The primary cons of the Makita DCM501Z are the cost and the fact that batteries are not included. However, if you are already a user of any of Makita’s power tools, then it’s likely that you already have a compatible battery.

All in all, as we said before the Makita DCM501Z is definitely our favorite – it’s convenient, reliable, and built to last. Even though it is our recommended choice, we can understand why some consumers would want to forgo it; the combined cost of both the coffee maker and the battery could definitely be a turn off.

Best For Nespresso Lovers – The AICOK Portable Espresso Machine

This portable coffee maker from AICOK is marketed heavily as the best espresso machine for camping or travel… and we’re actually inclined to believe them.

One important fact to keep in mind is that the AICOK Portable Espresso Machine exclusively uses Nespresso capsules – great if you already use Nespresso capsules but not so great if you’re not a fan of them. It also comfortably fits in car cup holders; which is great because it comes with both a wall charger and a car charger.

While the brewed coffee that you get from this machine isn’t up to the standard of many traditional espresso machines, you’re still getting a damn good cup of coffee.

Best Design – The Gourmia GCM3250 Digital Touch Coffee Maker

The Gourmia GCM3250 definitely had the potential to be our top choice for best battery operated coffee maker. All in all, it makes a great cup of pour over coffee but the primary thing that is holding it back is the fact that you need to have hot water on hand if you’re going to use it.

Yes, the Gourmia GCM3250 doesn’t actually heat up the water, it uses the battery power for its other functions. Some of these functions include its built in scale and the automatic brewing mode that takes the hassle out of getting the perfect pour over ratio.

The sleek and compact design is one of the primary factors that made the Gourmia GCM3250 attractive to use. Campers who are already going to have a campfire to heat up water and who want a great tasting cup of pour over coffee, will definitely get a lot of mileage out of the Gourmia GCM3250. If you need a portable coffee maker for general traveling, then you should definitely consider another option.

Best For Budget Conscious Coffee Drinkers – The Cupvenient Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for an affordable way to drink coffee while you’re traveling, you could just fill a thermos with hot water and buy some instant coffee. It’s an option – not one that we recommend but it is definitely an option.

Another affordable choice that you could go with is the Cupvenient Portable Espresso Coffee Maker. This coffee maker has a tube-like design that is definitely reminiscent of the aforementioned AICOK Portable Espresso Machine but is it just as good?

Short answer, no. Don’t get us wrong, the Cupvenient Portable Espresso Coffee Maker still brews a decent cup of coffee but this is one of those prime examples of “you get what you pay for” – not surprising since it is less than half of the price of the AICOK.

Still, this coffee maker lives up to the Cupvenient moniker. It is remarkably convenient and can be powered using a USB cable or by using batteries.

Best For True Pour Over Coffee – The Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker has one main thing going for it – it makes an extremely great cup of pour over coffee.

We really think that even coffee aficionados, who are capable of delivering the perfect pour, will be surprised at just how good the automatic pour over function of this coffee maker truly is.

You won’t have to break the bank to pick up the Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker and you’re going to be getting even coffee extraction and great consistency. The biggest drawback of this machine is the noticeably small brew size. The Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker is only capable of delivering around 4 ounces (120 ml) of coffee with each brew.

Reviews of Our 4 Honorable Mentions

These coffee makers couldn’t make it into the top 5, but we still think that they serve to be mentioned.

Mini Hand Coffee Machine

We definitely love the design of the Mini Hand Coffee Machine and it is fast and easy to use. However, it is another one of those machines that needs hot water to be added before it can properly do its job.

It’s an okay option for camping (like the aforementioned Gourmia GCM3250) but if you’re just traveling, you should choose something else.

mojoe Mobile Single Serve Brewer

The mojoe is without a doubt the most expensive coffee maker on our list but it also has the potential to be the most convenient one as well. We say “potential” because it actually isn’t for sale yet.

The Kickstarter project that was organized by MoJoe Brewing Co. created a significant amount of buzz but as of now, they still only have their product listed as “pre-order” and “coming soon”. We’re definitely keeping our eye on this one and hope that it doesn’t fizzle out and die like so many other Kickstarter projects.

Weoola Battery-Operated Coffee Maker

The Weoola Battery-Operated Coffee Maker is actually a great portable coffee maker but we do also feel somewhat sorry for it. Why? Well because it has to live in the shadow of the AICOK Portable Espresso Machine.

It’s not bad but we just don’t see why you wouldn’t get the (in our opinion) superior AICOK Portable Espresso Machine instead.

Mounchain Portable Travel Coffee Maker

The Mounchain Portable Travel Coffee Maker may look a lot like the aforementioned AICOK Portable Espresso Machine but they are very different. The Mounchain is technically a battery pumped coffee maker, which means that it is another one of those machines that you need to add hot water to before it can do its job.

Still, if you can get past that hurdle, the Mounchain Portable Travel Coffee Maker is relatively convenient and a coffee maker that we can recommend.

A Buyer’s Guide to Battery Operated Coffee Makers: Here’s What to Look For When Buying

In our opinion, we don’t think that the battery operated coffee maker market has reached its full potential. This is probably because many manufacturers don’t see it as a worthwhile investment. As a result of this, there is quite a lot of trash that is obscuring the gems that are out there.

If you’re not satisfied with our recommendations and want to do a bit of digging on your own, here are a few tips that can help.

  • Check the materials that the coffee maker is made of. A good battery operated coffee maker is going to be made primarily from plastic. This is because it has the potential to be durable and lightweight. However, make sure that the manufacturer has used high quality food grade plastic that is safe for coffee brewing and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Pay close attention to brew sizes. If you’re already planning to buy a battery operated coffee maker, then you have already made peace with the fact that it is going to be small. However, some of these machines have incredibly small brew sizes that not everyone will be a fan of. For example, the Linkind Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker can only deliver 4 ounces of coffee.
  • Is hot water required before the coffee maker can start working? This can definitely be a make or break factor for many buyers, since they might not have easy access to hot water when they’re away from home. It is safe to assume that campers will have a reliable way to heat up water. However, if you’re traveling cross-country in a car, you may want to have a coffee maker that heats up the water on its own.

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