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Our Mission

Spread Knowledge!

There’s so much to know about coffee – and it’s one of the world’s most consumed beverages. We love to be the first to tell people what they never knew about their favorite drink.

Teach The Art of Coffee

When you go from bean-to-cup, there are so many different tastes and qualities of coffee that can be achieved. Brewing methods, beans and timing are all factors that come into play.

Promote Good Work

We call it the Coffee Universe because it gets bigger and bigger! New products, innovations and techniques come out every day, and we want to help promote the good ones

Research and Theorize

Every next step starts with research and theory (which are fancy words for crazy ideas). We’re curious about coffee and the way it’s produced and consumed

Get in touch

We love hearing from everyone – and if you’re a coffee business or researcher, tell us about your product, store, or crazy coffee idea!


Meet the Team

Jacqueline is a trained teacher with almost two decades of teaching experience under her belt. However, her friends and family would tell you that her true passions are writing, DIY projects, eating good food, and of course, listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic.
Martin Stokes lives for anything coffee-related. If it can be extracted and brewed from a coffee bean then there is a good chance he has ingested it and wrote about the experience. From French Press to Moka Pots, dark roasts to single origins, Martin has written about every minutiae and microcosm of coffee culture, and still relies on copious amounts of the stuff to make it through the day.